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Archos TV+ Wireless DVR, Media HUB

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[CES 2008] The Archos TV+ is a 250GB digital video recorder (DVR) that is also a WiFi receiver capable of downloading (via Archos content portal), streaming media (music/photos) to the television and even browses the web, thanks to the integrated Opera browser. Archos has a long history of creating very interesting portable media players and it is not a surprise that the Archos TV can also communicate via USB 2.0 with any Archos Generation 3, 4 and 5, that’s indeed a very nice touch.

To search for shows to record, there is an integrated programming guide that can be searched using the small QWERTY remote control (an *excellent* idea). Now there’s a fruity brand that probably wish that their TV product was as cool… (Photo Gallery)

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