DEMO 08   See it Again for the First Time I published yesterday a long article about the best gadget of DEMO: the LiveScribe PulseSmartpen. Many people here told me that this device is no new technology because they remember other digital pens from Logitech or Leapfrog (Flypen), but this device brings the digital pen category to the next level. The PulseSmartpen is a computer in a pen that records and links audio to what users write on paper and it has a lot of functions (see article). I want one for myself; hopefully it will works as well as it was demonstrated here. Read more from the article.

DEMO 08   See it Again for the First Time Seesmic is “Twitter with videos”, people engage in conversations via video using a compelling graphic interface over the web. Since its private beta launch, Seesmic has users from 25 different countries having conversations over video and text in different languages. There is a mobile version, compatible with hundreds of mobile phones. Loic Lemeur, the CEO, tells us that the conversations went crazy during benazir bhutto’s assassination and people are passionately debating around the presidential election. We will soon provide invitations codes on to participate to the private beta.

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