iShoes to the fore!

[CES 2008] Adding an ‘i’ prefix in front of your product name is old hat these days, but that hasn’t stopped Ilya Kaganovich and Boris Kaganovich from Plymouth, Minnesota to come up with the iShoes. This pair of motorized shoes helps to get you from one place to another (within a short distance, of course) in a fast and efficient manner. It has a rather limited range of just three miles, so this would be good to get you from your office to a subway station where you can easily slip it off and pack it into your bag. A pair weighs 5.3kg and has a top speed of 13.5mph. It takes roughly 2 hours for a full charge, but I think the $599.99 price tag is a wee bit high for a little extra convenience. Best to literally go the extra mile on bus no. 11 (your own two legs) as you will not only burn more calories but save some serious dough in the process.

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