MacBook In Its Element

DVICE has a taken the MacBook Air as a base model for its parody – bringing the MacBook Earth, Water and Fire to the fore. The MacBook Earth will be the greenest laptop ever (Greenpeace activists to love Apple? Nah…), as it is powered by wind and solar energy. It uses a phosphorescent screen that consumes just nanowatts, while the chassis is made from durable clay which is 100% biodegradable. As for the MacBook Water, it uses iFluid that takes the shape of a keyboard and monitor with superior boot times compared to even cell phones. Storage is easy – just wipe it up with the sponge and you’re good to go. I wonder whether you ought to save your work before the physics law of evaporation takes place. Last but not least, we have the MacBook Fire with processors that are so powerful, they glow – doing away with the need for a backlit keyboard. I think Apple came up with a prototype some time back when their batteries kept on catching fire

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