PCMobilzr: Control Your PC from Your Mobile Phone
PCMobilzr: Control Your PC from Your Mobile Phone

[DEMO 08] Rove Mobile Inc. unveils its new mobile application that enables users to have a remote access to every file and application on their computer. They can display their PC computer’s desktop and control the keyboard and mouse from their Black Berry or Windows mobile phone. The client application can be downloaded from the computer or the mobile device. Users can access their computer simply using a username and password for a monthly subscription rate of $9.50 which feels expensive to me.

According to Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMO Conference, “PCMobilizr is impressive […]. If I forget a document, or need a file, a spreadsheet – anything on my computer – I can now access, edit, and even print directly from my phone. All with super convenience.” I have to try it as soon as possible to see how impressive it really is.

A similar Remote Desktop functionality is included in Windows Mobile 6 Pro and there is a related service called SoonR, but I am not sure if it allows to display the PC screen and control the PC mouse and keyboard through the phone in the same way. This article will be updated with the link to the demonstration video in the next days.

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