Portable stereo sound on Orbitsound T3

[CES 2008] The old school way of getting portable stereo sound was through the use of headphones, but Orbitsound from UK has come up with something different – the T3 device. It is slightly larger than the average BlackBerry and is best experienced when worn around the neck. I tried it on and it really sounded as though I was wearing a pair of headphones, although you could say the sound isolation was extremely poor no thanks to the amount of noise and human traffic that’s going on in the busy Sands convention center. It works great with any iPod, MP3 players, CD players or notebooks as long as they support line-in jacks.

Should you want to indulge in a little private listening, there is always a 3.5mm headphone port on the T3 to suit your needs. Such portable stereo sound is made possible thanks to Orbitsound’s airSOUND single-point-stereo technology. I like the fact that the T3 charges through a USB port, making it all the more easy to keep it juiced up. It takes approximately 2 hours of charging time for a full tank, and the T3 can go on for approximately a dozen hours before it is exhausted. What you see here is a prototype unit, so the silver-colored sides will not be spray painted in the final release – instead it will feature a silvery chrome surface that absolutely adores fingerprints. It will be released this summer, retailing for $149 a pop.

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