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[DEMO 08] Review2buy is launching its new text message based solution that provides mobile phone users with product reviews and local and online price comparisons.

I tested the service and it is pretty easy and quick to use: simply send the product name, ISBN or UPC code as a text-message to REVIEW (738439) and within seconds, you get the information on the phone as a SMS.

On my Smartphone and on the website, I got prices from Amazon and local resellers like Office Depot, Best Buy or Target (I tested it with the MX Revolution Cordless mouse). The review is from Amazon, and you can locate the nearest store where the product is available on the Review website.

There are other text-based price comparison services like Frucall, but to my knowledge, they do not provide product reviews via sms. For more information, visit This article will be updated with the link to the demonstration video in the next few days

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