Serenata from Bang & Olufsen and Samsung: the most beautiful mobile phone… not for the U.S.

Serenata: Bang & Olufsen and Samsung mobile phone

[CES 2008] I was so happy to be able to get my hands on the Serenata yesterday! I love the form factor so much, it is so well crafted and so unique. Unfortunately this phone will not be available in the US. Equipped with the ICEpower amplifiers and 2 high quality speaker units, this phone becomes a surprisingly powerful stand alone mini speaker.

The wheel feels great and gives a fluid movement to the thumb. The user interface is not very practical when it comes to enter a phone number, the idea is to have your entire phone book already stored in the device, the navigation with the wheel is then fast.
It is available in Europe for 900 euros without VAT, it will not be sold in the USA, check out the technical features on the Serenata website or the UK product page

Read more about CES and Hands-On.

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