Versuz Scoreboard plays it loud

[CES 2008] Seventy Inc. wants to get kids out more often instead of letting them lounge around in the living room all day long playing video games. Hence, the Versuz Scoreboard that marries the functions of a portable electronic scoreboard and audio player in a single device. It comes with a compartment on top that can be opened to store an iPod or basically any other device that works with a line-in jack, allowing you to play back your favorite tunes to pump up the environment while you’re having a game of basketball. The scores can be adjusted by pressing buttons on the Versuz Scoreboard or simply by using the included remote control. I like the fact that the panels on the Versuz Scoreboard can be changed to that of your favorite team, but Seventy Inc. is currently in talks with various sporting teams with regard to licensing their team logos for use on the $199 Versuz Scoreboard, so that might take some time to happen. Hopefully this will make more kids sweat it out with the rest of the people in the ‘hood.

  • RF Remote Controller
  • Indoor/Outdoor LED settings
  • AC or battery (six D batteries) powered
  • Approx. 4 to 6 hours battery life on full blast
  • 2 x 10W speakers
  • Countdown clock – Period/Inning/Quarter/Pound
  • Versus Scoreboard Microphone
  • Cool crowd and taunt sound effects

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