Bye Bye Standby

Don’t think that you’re doing the environment a whole world of good by putting your devices in standby mode – they still add up to a fair bit in your monthly electrical bill. Bye Bye Standby aims to eliminate that, featuring a motion sensor within that enables you to turn devices off simply by walking out of the room. The included key fob allows you to completely turn appliances off within a 30 meter radius – perfect when you’ve left your house wondering whether everything is no longer a fire hazard. The full range of Bye Bye Standby products are available after the jump.

  • Bye Bye Standby heavy duty socket – £11.99
  • Bye Bye Standby lamp dimmer – £11.99
  • Bye Bye Standby motion sensor – £14.99
  • Bye Bye Standby wall switch – £9.99
  • Bye Bye Standby key fob remote – £7.99
  • Bye Bye Standby remote control – £7.99
  • Bye Bye Standby pack of two sockets – £14.99

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