Official Battlefield Heroes Screenshots
Official Battlefield Heroes Screenshots

Here is a photo gallery of Battlefield Heroes that we obtained directly from EA. If you have missed this last week, the upcoming ad-supported game won’t be available until this summer but the idea is that BFH is more of a casual game that will work on low-end machines with entry-level graphics processors (GPUs), which increases the potential number of players by a lot.

It will be interesting to see what kind of money EA will make from this title, compared to higher profile games like Crysis that sold (only) less than 100k units (because only a few of us have a system that can run the game decently?). Hardware vendors usually support graphics heavy titles – because they sell hardware and they are great demos of things to come. I wonder what would happen if Battlefield Heroes was bringing loads of money all the sudden – would studios turn their focus on this genre?

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