Opera Mobile 9.5

3GSM will see Opera’s latest browser, the Opera Mobile 9.5 make an appearance there. This souped up version will take advantage of Opera’s Presto rendering engine that is capable of hitting page load speeds similar to that of a desktop experience, although I must see it to believe it. The Presto engine was given an overhaul in order to improve page responsiveness for sites with heavy language use like JavaScript and Ajax. Some of the improvements include :-

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Improved text wrap
  • Page overview, zooming and panning
  • Landscape mode
  • Save Web page for future offline access
  • Call phone number from Web page
  • Send link as SMS/MMS
  • Send image as SMS/MMS
  • Small Screen Rendering
  • Password manager
  • Web address input auto-completion
  • History and bookmarks
  • Copy text
  • Opera Widgets

Opera Mobile 9.5 will be made available to Symbian, Windows Mobile and Linux platforms as a standalone browser and as a SDK.

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