Throwable Monitor Patent


I know that whenever I get frustrated in a game, I tend to smash my mouse against the table out of frustration. There are other times where I felt like smashing the monitor as the computer just starts acting all funny as though it did not get any loving at all throughout the weekend. For those who release steam by tossing items, Philips might have taken the right route with this new patent application.

An electronic gaming system comprising: a robust, movable display (101); a game controller(103), arranged to generate a game scenario, comprising generation of pictures to be displayed on the robust movable display (101); and – a trajectory mapping unit (105), arranged to map a virtual trajectory in space- time of a virtual world in the game scenario, with at least two of the pictures with unequal picture content corresponding to different locations of the virtual space-time trajectory, to a real trajectory of the robust movable display (101) in real space, so that at an appropriate moment the two of the pictures are displayed on the robust movable display (101)…

All I can say is, take cover if you see a monitor flying in your direction – never mind that it features different images while in mid-flight.

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