Dassault Systemes Virtual Plus Reality ChallengePhoto courtesy of Richard from Tapahont.info! – Thanks

I have been invited to the launch of theVirtual+Reality Challenge by Dassault Systemes (Dassault Systemes is a leading Product Design software vendor). and held in a nice neighborhood in Paris. The challenge will happen in the real world: Philippe Fusch (above, in orange) will run from Paris to Beijing (10,000km) wearing an array of sensors that will allow researchers to model a realistic model of the foot for medical and design purposes.

In the virtual world, everyone can follow the race “virtually” (via 3D avatars) via a Facebook application. You can also create your own avatar by using two photos (front/side) and support the race.

The more interesting thing that we heard is that Dassault is thinking about creating a platform so that the general public can use its tools to create, test (including advanced physics simulation) and possibly commercialize their inventions. That sounds very ambitious and we like it a lot. Will Dassault Create CAD 2.0 (user-generated designs)?

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