FLYIT Helicopter Simulator

Flying a helicopter might look easy to you, but then again all you ever learnt about flying was from the PlayStation. The FLYIT Helicopter simulator allows budding pilots to spend most of their time flying to maintain and even improve on their proficiency instead of burning money with expensive helicopter flight time. Each FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulator comes with a two place, side-by-side seating cockpit that features dual controls for flight maneuvering purposes. The cockpit boasts a PC-controlled display that was specially programmed to simulate 24,000 airports vast array of weather conditions. Just like the real McCoy, every switch and button is hard mounted and of the same size, shape, color and location you would find inside an actual aircraft. The FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulator is certainly a rich boy’s toy, causing you to bleed $105,000 if you ever want one.

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