Mecha Chu HeliBug

Taiyo Toy of Japan has just introduced its Mecha-Chu HeliBug that flies around the place in a brightly colored body, featuring dual copter blades and transparent wings that resemble those of an insect in order to up the realism ante. It measures more than 6″ long, so this could be used to scare those who have a phobia towards all things creepy crawlie. It won’t have the agility of an actual bug, but it is capable of ascending and descending in addition to turning left and right courtesy of its helicopter-like rotors. No forwards or backwards flight for this remote controlled toy though. It follows the principle of diminishing returns, where a 30 minute charge time results in just 5 minutes of flight time. The Mecha-Chu HeliBug retails for approximately $50 – are there better ways to spend such money?

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