Milner AirCar To Take Flight

So we’ve seen a car that actually transforms into an underwater vehicle – now here’s a car that can bring its passengers up into the sky, courtesy of a diesel-powered engine that can cruise at speeds of up to 200mph 25,000 feet above the ground in air mode. Needless to say, you will need to land the Milner Air Car before you switch back to car mode from plane mode, unless you want the local forensics department to do a whole lot of cleaning up work while your family bickers over the remains of your estate. The Milner Air Car is roughly the size of a Honda Civic, and comes with a couple of flat-panel computer displays inside, showing the necessary information for both air and ground modes. In plane mode, the vehicle will still be steered via the steering wheel. The Milner AirCar costs around $450,000 to construct.

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