Muchobene: the Instant Human Search

You may be have noticed that since a few months, we have integrated a unique search box on Ubergizmo that is powered by Muchobene. When you enter a question, this unique search engine connects you in real-time to the people currently online via a chat session. Muchobene’s algorithm detects the online users who appear to be the most skilled to answer your question, then you can have an instant conversation; it is completely anonymous and free.

The updated version with Mac compatibility is launching today so feel free to try it, no download is requested to ask a question. I am sure that some of our tech savvy readers would be thrilled to join the Ubergizmo/Muchobene Q&A network: you can share your knowledge and benefit from the knowledge of others by simply downloading the client in seconds, no account or profile setup is required.

Editor’s note: we do not have any stakes in MuchoBene, we added the feature on Ubergizmo because we are convinced that it will help our readers getting answers quickly.

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