Neuromonics Treats Tinnitus

The iPod generation will probably suffer from tinnitus a few years down the road after having those signature white earbuds stuck inside for many a year now, but fret not – Neuromonics claims to have discovered a method that treats tinnitus by fighting music with…music. It uses a simple audio player that changes the way it plays music and accompanying sounds over time, where the ringing in your ears will slowly diminish over time.

For the first two months, the music mix includes a noise, which some describe as water in a shower, to cover the tinnitus. In the third month, the shower sound is removed and patients are instructed to turn up the music just loud enough so the tinnitus is audible only during the quiet parts. The idea is the brain will be gradually trained to ignore the tinnitus. After six months, patients use the device as needed.

Treatment isn’t cheap though, as initial fitting and counseling on tinnitus management ranges between $3,500 to $6,000 for the six-month treatment. One cheap way to avoid tinnitus? Take better care of your ears, and don’t turn the volume all the way up.

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