Guardium Keeps the Peace

The Guardium is an unmanned ground vehicle commissioned by the Israeli military, making it a robotic soldier that holds the honor of being the first in the world to be operational. Meant to take over the role of soldiers in dangerous situations, the Guardium will definitely have no fear factor unlike ordinary humans, but I wonder whether it is able to be as flexible as a real soldier on the battlefield. This four-wheeler can be operated from a command room and mounted with various accessories such as cameras, night-vision equipment and sensors, and machine guns. One main advantage of the Guardium is it will never be sleepy and can patrol borders 24/7 without suffering from fatigue (other than requiring the occasional maintenance routine). Too bad the Guardium has an exorbitant price tag of $600,000 for the hardware alone, while the inclusion of an operating system will push the final figure to several million dollars.

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