Intel Mash Maker

[Web 2.0] Intel Mash Maker allows users to create client-side mashups while they are browsing the web. It was in closed alpha for some time and it has now some new features: support for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3, widgets and visualization features, support for open extensible API.

Rob Ennals the lead architect and Jeff Klaus the Marketing Director of Intel Mash Maker gave me a demo. It is pretty easy to build Mash-ups on the fly, mixing a map with your regular Facebook page for example, so you can see your friends photos with their current location (see picture), or you can mix Craiglist’s classified for housing and Yelp’s restaurant listing, to make sure that you will have access to good food in your future neighborhood (picture after the jump). This is a very cool application.

You have to download the plug-in from the Intel Mash Maker website to play with it, and you can see how it works on the video: click here to view it in another window.

Intel Mash Maker

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