Jaxtr Helps You Save Money

With oil prices seemingly hitting unprecedented highs every month, it is about time we tighten our belts as we face the oncoming credit crunch. Jaxtr is one such service that hooks up your cell phone to the Web, allowing you to hear from callers all over the world without divulging your phone number. With Jaxtr’s PrivacyShield, calls will be routed to voicemail automatically, allowing you to control just who you want to contact you on your handset. There is no download required, and best of all is, Jaxtr is free! As with many other services which started off on a noble path, I believe Jaxtr won’t remain free for long if it ever takes off in a big way. For those who have friends and family abroad, Jaxtr allows you to call those who are far away from home without incurring additional, expensive costs as it is the equivalent of a local call.

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