Official: MySpace in India Launched

We know that India is very attractive to the Social Networking moguls since 44% of Indian online traffic uses the Internet just for social networking (according to JuxtConsult, April 2007 survey). Today, MySpace has decided to go head to head with Google whose Orkut, the most popular social networking site in India, has a 64% market share there.

According to Compete, in 2007, MySpace growth was negative by -1% and Facebook traffic increased by 77%. We can easily understand why MySpace is looking for new areas of growth and India is the best place to try it. India is also one of the largest film producer in the world with Bollywood, which gives MySpace an edge.

Getting ahead of the competition by leveraging the recent partnership agreements with the entertainment industry is an obvious strategy for MySpace: read the interview of Chris DeWolfe by Laura Locke on Wired.

For the launch, MySpace will be hosting an outdoor musical event held at the historic Land’s End Amphitheater. More than 1,000 MySpace users will the event with live performances by India’s most popular rock bands Pentagram, Super Fuzz, and Them Clones. After the concert, MySpace will be hosting an after party featuring additional local acts such as The Raghu Dixit Project, Shaair and Func and Swarathma.

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