PC Mag reviews Falcon Northwest FragBox 8500


The Falcon Northwest FragBox 8500 has undergone rigorous testing from the folks at PC Mag, and here’s their take on it.

All things considered, naming the Falcon Northwest FragBox 8500 the new Editors’ Choice in this category was a no-brainer. Most important, you can play Crysis on it. It’s the system to buy right now if you’re interested in a Wolfdale-powered gaming PC but don’t want to break into the $3,000-plus stratosphere. You’ll be paying a bit more than budget gamers for performance and portability, but you won’t regret it. The FragBox is here to kick ass. Let it be your opponent’s.

Guess it pretty much sums it all up, eh? A power-packed portable computer that will put most desktops to shame. The main drawback I see is the lack of SLI-support which will definitely put fanboys off.

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