Solar Powered Cordless Fan

Solar Powered Cordless Fan

Getting way too much sunlight and not knowing what to do with it? Why, fill up your workspace with the Solar Powered Cordless Fan! This nifty little gadget harnesses the power of the sun in order to help keep you cool during the sweltering summer. Not only does it feature a fan, it also boasts an alarm clock and doubles up as a cell phone/MP3 charger (not compatible with all models, FYI). Perfect for traveling and camping, it also comes with a rechargeable lantern that has an LED light bulb. Should dusk fall, you can always rely on a power outlet to help keep its batteries juiced up. A full charge provides up to 8 hours of fan use at full blast. The Solar Powered Cordless Fan isn’t cheap though, costing a hefty £34.99.

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