BlackBerry 9000 Review

CrackBerry managed to snag a BlackBerry 9000 for themselves, and here they are with a review. I have digested the entire review and churned out a bulleted list of all the important points to consider if you’re thinking of getting the BlackBerry 9000.

  • Decent battery life during testing
  • Extremely fast compared to the Curve, does not suffer lag
  • 480 x 320 LCD display is crisp, bright and sharp
  • Subtle changes to keyboard for better typing
  • Externally accessible microSD memory card slot
  • GPS navigation
  • Extremely bright notification LED and trackball
  • Convenience key location is questionable
  • Easy accessibility to SIM card

These are just from the hardware aspects, and the folks at CrackBerry are not done with it yet. At least you have an idea now on how the hardware is like.

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