FusionHDTV7 Dual Express

The FusionHDTV7 Dual Express will carry the honor of being the first dual HD (Digital or QAM) reception PCI express card, specially designed for digital/analogue terrestrial and digital cable reception within the desktop and laptop computer environment. It will be compliant with the North America digital terrestrial standard, ATSC, as well as the analogue TV standard, NTSC. You will get dual silicon tuners and gain unique functions like PIP (picture-in-picture) for your viewing pleasure.

  • World’s first dual high definition ATSC/ QAM/ NTSC reception PCI express card
  • Two HD channel (ATSC or QAM) reception/ display/ recording simultaneously
  • One HD and one analogue reception/ display simultaneously
  • Dual tuner PIP (Picture-in-picture) and multi-view with two different channels
  • The real-time-clock (RT) function to support power-on-PC recording
  • Lowest heat emission in non operating mode for eco-system
  • Supporting all kinds of ATSC format
  • True HD time-shifting with FF/ REW/ Positioning

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