OCZ Technology PC3-16000 4GB DDR3 RAM

OCZ Technology has rolled out the first PC3-16000 4GB (2x2048MB) DDR3 kits in the world, targeting those who want to remain at the forefront of computing performance, be it at work or play (I believe this will cater more to the latter though). This kit will feature overclocking capability for you to push it even further, and I suggest you know what you’re doing lest you burn the whole thing up. Each kit comprises of two 2GB modules for 4GB system density running at 9-9-9 latencies and a record-breaking 2GHz data rate, achieved using only 1.9V which is well within the voltage tolerances of any DDR3 memory controller currently on the market. Each purchase will come with a lifetime warranty. Any takers for this?

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