SuperSmoker Electronic Cigarette

The SuperSmoker is not the first electric cigarette to be released, and I believe it won’t be the last either. This device aims to promote a healthier alternative for those who love the pull of nicotine, and it is also much cheaper as well as easing the lives of smokers with the increasing amount of public smoking bans appearing each day. There is no tobacco within, and the SuperSmoker doesn’t even burn, so you won’t get real smoke. A vaporization chamber within holds a disposable cartridge, creating a tobacco-like flavor thanks to a concoction of food products. The liquid in the cartridge will vaporize whenever the user inhales, making it look like normal cigarette smoke without the same aroma. Each cartridge holds the equivalent of 15 to 20 standard ciggies. It will retail for £79, and six refills will cost £7.95. If dad is trying to quit this habit, why not consider the SuperSmoker as a Father’s Day gift?

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