11:49: Ok guys, this is it! Big round of applause. I think that everyone is happy. Feature-wise, this is everything that we expected, but the pricing is a bit of a good surprise. It starts on July 11 in 22 countries. Thanks for reading Ubergizmo!

iPhone 3G price: $199 (8GB), $299 (16GB)

11:40: iPhone is going to be in 70 countries this year (big applause)

GPS: “this is going to be a really big deal”. iPhone will continue to use cell-towers and wi-fi locations. Demo (pre-recorded) in San Francisco.

Steve is demoing 3G speeds and says that 3G speed is approaching WiFi speed. Battery life has been improved (thanks to the new hardware) across all applications (talk video, browsing, audio…)

iPhone was too expensive. We need to make it more affordable. Today we’re introducing the iPhone 3G.

11:31: iPhone : 3G network, Enterprise support, 3rd Party apps support. Sell iPhones in more countries

iPhone (at last!): Steve Jobs talks about iPhone… 90% customer satisfaction, 98% using browsing, 94% using email…

11:28: As I expected, .Mac is dead

11:15: New: MobileMe, “it’s like having exchange for the rest of us”. Data (email/calendar/contacts) synchronized on all your Apple device… yup, it’s like exchange, except that it also works with other native apps, like maps. It works with Outlook as well. Describing the demo is not so interesting, but I recommend that you go to apple.com and watch the video right after the keynote.

11:12: Impatient investors?

11:06 : Steve Jobs is back on stage. He is presenting various improvements of the platform, particularly the support for Asian languages (JP, CN, CN-trad) where it is possible to draw characters with your finger – this is huge for the Asian market.

11:00: background tasks are bad (for processing power). Making fun of the task manager of “some other platform” – touché, it’s kind of lame when Pocket IE sucks all the power from my battery. BIG round of applause.


10:45: The virtual piano demo got a good share of applause – not bad!

10:42 – Huh? Physics-based puzzle game from Pangea Software? Interesting idea, and not really surprising, given that devs are trying to develop casual game based on the accelerometer. The developer praises the CPU power of the iPhone… well, it’s nice but let’s not push it too much. Driving game is next… SDK is fantastic, yadayadayada…

10:36 – I zapped Loopt presentation, but Six Apart is now on-stage. Typepad for iPhone is demonstrated. Great Typepad experience in your pocket and so on… blabla. When are we going to see some hardware?

10:31 – Now it’s eBay’s turn. They are demonstrating that you can buy easily from the iPhone.

10:27 – Developers are coming on-stage to talk about how great the platform is. SEGA is first…

10:19 Developer stuff: Apple is going to ship “tools used internally to build iPhone apps”. That’s typical developer relations talk, but hey we’ll take whatever tools we can. I think that they also want to reassure developers they won’t always be two-steps behind Apple’s internal team… only one step…

10:11 Ok, the good stuff is coming in: the iPhone is going to be more enterprise-friendly: Push contact/email/calendar/remote-wipe and many security features are there – finally!

10:08 Steve jobs is on stage. And things can get started…ready?

Al Gore (he’s on Apple’s board) is in the room)

eBay, Six Apart and Loopt should have new iPhone applications, Crunchgear reports

09:49 People are getting into the keynote room. The front rows are going quickly…

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