Nikon D3 Firmware Update

Nikon has just released a firmware upgrade for the D3, and here are a few of them improvements.

  • Images captured with “Rotate tall”, in the playback menu, set to “On”, are not automatically rotated for display immediately after capture (image review)
  • The “Choose image area” option has been separated into two options, “Choose image area (FX / DX / 5:4)” and “Choose image area (FX / DX)”
  • A new “Shooting menu bank” option has been added
  • “Recent settings” can now be displayed in place of “My Menu”
  • The virtual horizon can now be displayed with shooting in LiveView mode
  • The “Vignette control” setting can now be confimed in shooting information
  • The “Vignette control” item in the shooting menu now supports all types of G- and D-type lenses, except DX and PC lenses
  • Autofocus performance has been improved
  • Auto White Balance performance has been improved
  • An issue that, in some rare circumstances, caused the battery indicator to blink, regardless of actual battery charge, has been resolved
  • Errors in the German help displays have been corrected

This is not a comprehensive list, you’ll need to check out the source article for the whole skinny.

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