Oppo HM 31 Advanced 3x1 HDMI Switch

For those who need a few more HDMI ports (they’re slowly becoming the new USB – you can never have enough), there’s the Oppo HM-31 Advanced 3×1 HDMI Switch. Below is the conclusion from the PC Mag review.

The Oppo HM-31 is easy to recommend to anyone who needs a few more HDMI ports, especially given its clever auto-switch capabilities. The lack of an included HDMI cable appears to be common with switches at this price, and, considering how inexpensive HDMI cables have become, I don’t find this a deal breaker. Perhaps the only complaint I can level at the HM-31 is that it has only three HDMI inputs. A six- or eight-port version of this switch would be truly awesome, but even the current three-port version is well worth our Editors’ Choice award.

That pretty much sums it all, but it will take some time before such HDMI switches become mainstays in the living room.

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