The Barista Concept Coffee Machine

The Barista is a concept coffee machine by Patrik Pettersson, and this multiple partner espresso machine is smart enough to know exactly how you like your coffee after a few tries. Boasting a carousel design, it is able to conjure up multiple cups of coffee simultaneously, making sure your party is a huge success with everyone getting their post-dinner coffee the way they like it without having to wait too long. It will come in two modes – Docking and Portable, and those will be described in further detail after the jump.

Docking mode The barista espresso machine consists of a docking station, brewing unit and five espresso cups. One of the main features with the Barista is that it allows multiple users to be in charge of their own espresso brewing, instead of just only one person in conventional espresso makers. To enhance the portability and make it easier to carry, the Barista works in two modes, carry mode (collapsed) and brewing mode (raised). The Barista is connected to the wall outlet when in docking mode, and functions as conventional espresso machine, where beans are grounded for each individual cup in the kitchen.

Portable mode To make it portable some task are divided up to optimize the power consumption; the coffee beans gets pre-grounded in the kitchen and the water is pre-heated into a thermos at the same time to eliminate unnecessary energy consumption. Collapse the brew unit by pressing down the top part, to raise it, give the handle a push and the machine will raise by itself to brewing mode. The turning top allows the users to access the machine from all directions. Place cups on the tray and rotate the turning top part to move the nozzle over to the other cups.

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