Splashtop quick-boot OS integrated in the Asus Eee Box B202


ExpressGate is the Asus-branded version of Splashtop, a pre-boot operating system (a slimmed down version of Linux) that your computer can boot into faster (around 10 seconds) than if it was Windows. It gives you access to basic applications like Skype, Firefox and so on… Asus is already using ExpressGate in its motherboards and laptops. It’s been confirmed that the Asus Eee Box B202 will also feature it. If your computing needs are basic, it looks like a computer than you can turn on and off without having to hand around, waiting for the boot. To give you an example, I recently installed Windows Vista on a very fast machine and it took about 35 seconds to get to the login screen.

Links: Splashtop, 15 seconds from boot to browser (video), Asus Eee Box homepage

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