Sixense 3D Input Device

Sixense 3D Input Device

Sixense has spent the last 18 months working on a new 3D input device that could potentially revolutionize the way we use the computer, and will definitely draw comparisons with the Wiimote where gaming is concerned. It relies on realistic movements to control how you interact within the game, but is way more advanced than Nintendo’s offering since it is based on precise tracking relative to a base station and will be able to react to movement in six degrees of freedom. The degree of accuracy falls to the nearest millimetre or degree, and is updated once every ten milliseconds. Being highly sensitive, I don’t think I will enjoy using this input device since my hands tend to shake by itself a whole lot, so anyone watching me play an FPS will probably suffer from a really bad headache later on. No word on when this input device will be released to the masses though.

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