Visionsense Single Chip Stereo Endoscope

Visionsense has developed a brand new single chip stereo endoscope which makes provision for 3D visualization within the body.

The human eyes provide the brain with two independent, slightly different images of an object. These are then processed into a stereo image that relays how close or far away the object is. Today’s Minimally Invasive Surgery (“MIS”) video cameras are monocular based, therefore they provide only 2-Dimension visualization. The lack of depth perception, inherent in the current technology, significantly reduces a surgeon’s ability to determine the size and precise location of anatomical structures and the surgeon’s maneuvers, thus impairing their ability to diagnose and operate efficiently.

Anything tech-wise that helps the world become a better place automatically has a place in my book, and this development from Visionsense has definitely made the mark.

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