2.35 Qtask

DEMO Session 11: Web 2.0 Gets To Work

Qtask is a unified collaboration environment, great for global team. It allows to monitor the history of any file in details. it offers a set of easy to use communication tools to check answers from team members and monitor responsibilities of each team member.


2.28 PlanDone

DEMO Session 11: Web 2.0 Gets To Work

PlanDone is a project management application. It provides an inbox to the user with messages only relevant to the user’s task. There is a MyTop 10 page that ranks and organize the task by priority. In MyTimeline, there are projections on the estimated remaining time for each task. It is compatible with the major mobile platforms.


2.23 Quantivo

DEMO Session 11: Web 2.0 Gets To Work

Quantivo has an infinity database that analyzes customer behaviors and combine it with the cloud computing, for a fraction of the usual cost of this type of service.


2.15 Momindum product K-base 2.0

DEMO Session 11: Web 2.0 Gets To Work

With Momindum K-base you can easily synchronize live video andpresentations, tag and link additional resources,deliver a customized knowledge database and interactwith presenters, all through a single interface. they are launching their free service on the website deeptagging.com


2.00 BizEquity

DEMO Session 11: Web 2.0 Gets To Work

BizEquity is is helping small businesses to figure out how much value they are creating and how much they worth, and this for free.


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