Honda Multi view Camera System To Debut Next Month

Honda’s new Odyssey will debut next month with a spanking new multi-view camera system, offering an overhead view of the surrounding area so that you are able to check on the whole vehicle’s surroundings at a glance, also letting people who have phobia of driving a large vehicle park easily. Comprising of four CCD cameras mounted on the central area of the front grill, side view mirrors and at the top of the vehicle’s rear end, these images will be captured and processed by the electronic control unit (ECU), showing up on the navigation monitor as a top-down image. 350k resolution ought to be enough for its purpose, but it won’t do you much good at night in a secluded, dark area. The Honda solution is much cheaper than Nissan’s, as it also lacks a quartet of sonars to detect obstacles all around. I suppose if I drove a command center truck in a zombie film, this would come in handy so that I won’t step into an ambush when I go out to take a leak.

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