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Nero brings the Tivo user interface to the PC with Liquid TV ($99). As a Media Center user, there are a couple of things that I’m attracted to in this version: Post-recording compression: It uses MPEG4, which is leaps and bound better than MPEG2 Sync with mobile devices (iPod, PSP) and laptop. (see user interface screen captures)

Liquid TV can also get content from another TIVO box in the home network (yes, a real TIVO box). It is also possible to burn shows on a DVD. Here are a few questions (and answers) that you might have:

>>Is it compatible with the Media Center Remote?

>>Does it support Tivo Cast Downloads?
Not yet, but Nero is looking into it.

>>Is there a monthly fee?
The subscription fee will probably be yearly, TBD.

>>Does it work with Cable Card?
It might, it has not been tested

>>What codecs are supported for video compression?

>>Any plans for GPU-accelerated H.264 compression?
No. Nero will look into it as it becomes “more popular”

>>What about Mac support?
No, Nero is looking into it.

>>Can we transfer content from Liquid TV to a TIVO box?

>>Does it support HMO and HME content? (Home Media Options/Home Media Engine)
Not sure, Nero hasto get back to us.

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