Intel:The shortcomings of the iPhone have come from ARM

The title is a comment made by Pankaj Kedia Director of ecosystems group, and we see it as yet another episode in the ongoing PR battle that Intel is waging against ARM. That’s not it: Intel’s Shane Wall (VP of the mobility group) goes on to say: “Any sort of application that requires any horse power at all and the iPhone struggles,”. You get the picture: Intel thinks that ARM is a major obstacle on the way to getting “really smart” smartphones.

It’s true that the iPhone is sometimes slow, especially since the 2.0 update. However, today, we don’t really see what Intel has to throw at ARM in the smartphone area. Intel’s Atom processor is quite impressive in Nettops or mobile internet devices (MIDs), but it’s a long way from powering a phone. It is unclear why Intel has become so publicly aggressive with ARM, but ARM’s proponents can simply reply to Intel: “show us the goods”.

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