Motorola working on a Social Networking Phone . What is a Social Networking Phone?

Reports about a Social Networking Phone from Motorola have appeared left and right. This is unofficial of, but the words “social networking phone” comes from Motorola itself in a job posting.

First, I don’t think that a particular physical phone design would help decisively when it comes to social networking, so this has to be either a strong software suite, or this might just be a marketing positioning. Given Motorola’s track of record, the latter seems more likely – just like some phones are “music phones” while others are “SMS-phones”.

Assuming that it would be a strong software suite (I’m going out on a limb…), this could be interesting for carriers, as they could charge more for data or sell more unlimited data-plans to the “social junkies”. Good thinking, but don’t forget that the phone has to be sexy too – oh, and that makes it expensive… Let’s wait and see, but hopefully Motorola won’t forget that a phone’s killer app is… voice.

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