Google SearchWiki: Good, Bad, Gone?

As you may be aware, Google’s SearchWiki launched November 20th amidst some mild excitement and interest. However the consensus from many sites, forums and blogs seems to be a failure to impress. Most seem indifferent, if not confused. Once you play around with it, the confusion is understandable. Brennon Slattery with PC World had this to say:

“Once you get involved in SearchWiki’s features, it becomes frustratingly meta and throws chunks of logic out the window. You can comment on other user’s comments. You can add your own URLs to your searches. How does that make sense? If you’re searching for something, you shouldn’t already know the destination URL, and if you do, why are you searching? And if you’re continuously seeking the same exact thing, why not just bookmark the site?”

I agree with many of Brennon’s points. Others say Google is contradicting its aesthetic and simplistic ideals. Some just rant about the recent bugs with it, due to which Google has completely removed the SearchWiki features for the moment.

What do you think? Is it Good, Bad or Gone?

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