Goojet: the Social Mobile Widgets

[DowJones VentureWire Technology Showcase – EuroTech] I met with Goojet co-founder Marc Rougier at the conference and he gave me a detailed demo of its product. Goojet allows users to easily get various Widgets on their phone and manage them with a user friendly interface from the desktop website. It gives access to a lot of Internet content without having to struggle (for the majority who do not own an iPhone) with the mobile browser… that’s cool. Nokia does the same with Widsets, Plusmo and Zumobi offer a similar service; I did not test any of them.

According to Marc Rougier, Goojet has a social component that the competition does not have. In the picture you see that in one click, you can send a widget to a friend via Goojet, email or SMS. Other specific features include the widget viewer in the desktop website and the suggested content pushed by the profiling engine. I tried it on my BlackBerry and it is pretty cool, I love the quick access to all kinds of content, it is available in English and French, and later in other languages.

Yesterday, Goojet became accessible from the Bouygues’ mobile portal i-mode. The service was launched in private beta in December 2007 and won the start-ups competition at LeWeb3 in Paris (click on the banner in the side bar, we have a discounted price for this conference).

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