Panasonic H1 Clinical Computer Debuts Officially

You might remember that we published an early shot of the Panasonic H1 during IDF, but we had some private time with this tablet and although it’s not a consumer product, it may contribute to improve the way we’re being treated.

The H1 has been carefully designed and optimized by Panasonic for healthcare applications. It is washable (it needs to be sterilized on a regular basis) and the grip is much more suited to the daily tasks of a clinic than a classic laptop or Tablet PC. Panasonic has integrated pretty much every device that is required for the job: GPS, Fingerprint reader, Barcode + RFID readers, digital camera with flash/floodlight, WIFI… you name it. Thanks to the tight integration, there’s little need for additional ports, making it more waterproof and easy to maintain. But most importantly, this comes with impeccable ergonomics.

Unlike classic Tablet PCs, the Panasonic H1 is equipped with two removable batteries that allow seamless battery replacements and virtually 24/7 operation. Depending on field conditions, this may allow customers (hospitals) to acquire less units for a given number of staff members. Employees starting on a new shift just need to login and pop a new battery. Medical computing has different needs and devices like the Panasonic H1 might help medical personnel focus on their patients, rather than on getting the stuff to work. I surely hope that none of you will see one from a bed, but playing with it was an interesting experience. Panasonic is also looking at expanding the use for this form factor and who knows, one day there might be an “outdoor” pad with a solar panel in the back :)

Official videos here: General, Overview, Cleaning, Drop test

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