We’ve seen gOS in beta a while back, now that it has been launched in fanfare and is getting tons of press, let’s see it in action. The video below shows gOS running live on a Gigabyte netbook.

No matter what hype we put in there, it just is a Linux that launches a web browser. It’s hard for me to even type the word “cloud OS” in this post because it stinks hype. But there you go: if you want to get on the web without booting into windows for 40 seconds to 2 minutes, this might be something for you. If not, wait for a while and when your kids become teenagers, you might  boot directly into a real “cloud OS” – with applications.

To remove the hype, replace “OS” by “Browser” and “Cloud” by “Internet” in everything that you hear. It’s still very interesting, and I like the design, but gOS should tone down the rethoric…

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