Nikon Ships GP 1 GPS Dongle

The Nikon D3X was released just a couple of days ago or so, and it is nice to see that Nikon has already prepared itself to ship the GP-1 GPS dongle that can go along very nicely with the D3X. Of course, this device is also compatible with the D200, D3, D700, D90 and D300 models thanks to its hot-shoe connector, bringing positional information recording to all your images captured. Perfect for folks who love geo-tagging their images. Unfortunately, very little is known about the GP-1 apart from its flashing blinkenlights, where green and red LEDs represent the amount of satellites that have been locked onto. The $240 price tag might be a little bit hard to swallow for some, but hey – if you’re willing to fork out a cool $8,000 for the D3X, this should be chump change for you.

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