CES G4 Best Of The Best

[CES 2009] We know that many want to be at Vegas for CES at this time of the year but just can’t make it for various reasons, but fret not. We at Ubergizmo aim to serve the hottest news on the latest gadgets within the shortest time possible in an easy-to-read manner, and this year we’ve even set up a live blog. There are tons of events going on to cover more than a million square feet of showcases, so it can be daunting to do it yourself. Apart from Digital Experience yesterday and Show Stoppers tonight, we were also at the CES G4 Best of the Best show. Let us join our hosts on stage as we bring you nominees in their respective categories without having you to leave the comfort of your home.

Mainstream Tech
Sony Walkman X Series
Nextar GPS
Sanyo Internet Radio R227
Sony Cybershot G3
Neo Freerunner Android

Media Tech
ViP 922/Sling Media Player Mobile
HP Pavillion DV2 (winner)
Netgear iTV2000
Linksys Audio/Cisco System

Maximum Tech
Checkolite Lamp Speakers
Samsung Foldable OLED
Boxee Software (winner)
ICO Mim Satellite Video

We apologize for missing out the front segment of Best of the Best, but we’re gunning on the Sony Walkman to, er, walk away (pardon the pun) with the prize. Anyone care to update us on the result? Many thanks in advance.

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