Fujitsu Nocria Air Conditioners Have Presence Sensors

Air conditioning takes up quite a fair amount of juice especially during those sweltering summers as we seek refuge in our homes from the heat outside, but how many times have we accidentally left the air conditioner on without being in the same room? Well, nice to know Fujitsu has done something about that by including presence sensors in its new line of nocria air conditioners. These new air conditioners come with a horizontal sensitivity range of 120° – that’s roughtly 10m in linear distance, and this sensor can be fixed at the desired angle of the user during installation. The power saving operation will kick in whenever there aren’t people in the vicinity for a certain period of time, and upon detecting people moving actively in a rood, it will automatically lower the temperature to keep everyone cool and comfortable. The nocria series will also turn itself down 10 minutes after not detecting any activity, and shut down completely after three hours. The four nocria series will offer 17 models from February 1st onwards, with different models to suit just about anybody and every budget.

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