Goodnight Sleep Trainer

Can’t get your kid to sleep peacefully by him/herself at night? Instead of using food or a pacifier as some sort of bribe, why not set your little one onto the path of independence with the Goodnight Sleep Trainer? This device was developed by a homegrown company at Pittsburgh, PA known as 4Moms, and features a specialized timer that actually keeps track of the exact amount of time your baby has been crying, letting you know when you should comfort him/her to sleep once a certain time limit has been breached. We think this is good only for the first kid, since that would be enough training for parents to know better when the second one comes along. Guess the Goodnight Sleep Trainer won’t really sell well, especially in a neighborhood where you can lend this to future would-be parents. Target is carrying the Goodnight Sleep Trainer for $30.

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