Sony Not Spared by Worldwide Economic Woes, Moves Forward

That’s the essence of Rick Clancy’s Blog Post on the Sony Electronics Blog. Sony knows that their IT (laptops…), Consumer Electronics and Content (movies, music) products have to interact “seamlessly” and that they have to be “interconnected”, “open” and “green”. It’s all true.

Difficult times certainly get organizations to change (or go away), and we hope that Sony does get out of this stronger. In the past, its lack of openness and the reliance on the Sony brand name have been weaknesses.

Rick doesn’t mention the software efforts that are required at Sony to achieve these goals. During my previous short stays in Japan I felt that software engineering was not as “noble” as hardware engineering. I don’t pretend like I know Japan well, but if my perception is correct, I would recommend Sony not to neglect software engineering, as there is a lot more value to be created there than on the hardware side for Sony.

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